Not only are winter nights in the mountains extremely cold, they are also deadly for those who have no place to sleep.  The Haywood Christian Emergency Shelter is a nonprofit, Christian based shelter and was started when area churches of all denominations, nonprofits, and charities in Haywood County came together to provide a place where the homeless could not only have a warm place to sleep on a cold winters night, but to also give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The shelter also provides avenues for them to overcome their situation and overcome their adversity through various programs provided by Mountain Projects and DSS among others.

The shelter is an emergency shelter that is open from November to April and is open from 7pm-7am.  Guests of the shelter are fed at the Open Door in Waynesville and at the Community Kitchen in Canton and then transported by church volunteers to the shelter for the night.  The next morning church volunteers then transport them back to the Open Door for breakfast.  Devotions are held nightly by church volunteers and the guests are shown the love of Christ and given the Gospel.

If you know someone who needs shelter during the winter at night, please have them at the Open Door in Waynesville, NC by 6:30pm or at the Community Kitchen in Canton at 5pm for dinner.  They’ll be given a hot meal and then be transported to the shelter for the evening by local churches who donate their van and drivers.  Breathalizers and drug tests are given and anyone under the influence will not be allowed into the shelter for safety reasons for our guests and security.  Guests are expected to pull their weight at the shelter with helping to keep it clean and doing the community laundry (sheets, blankets and pillow cases).  Our prayer is that those in need will use the shelter, God will save them and their lives will be forever changed.